July 21, 2019

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Welcome back NBA! The 2018-2019 season has returned!  And boy-oh-boy from the looks of it, the season started just as it ended last

year! Teams are coming out to play! Though, it’s only the first week of the season, our projections of what teams to dominant aren’t too

different from last year. Many players were on the move this off-season and some players simply swap teams, but the question is since the

changes, who on top of the East?


Image result for boston celtics on top of est


Since Lebron James left the Cavs this off-season this East is up for grabs. Cavs may still be the fourth or fifth seed comes playoffs and

even may get out the first round. There still the Eastern Conference Champs and teams put remember they will have to go through them

first. Though Toronto has the number 1 seed last year, they couldn’t get past the Cavs. I compare the Toronto Raptors to Peyton Mannings

career against the New England Patriots. They can never get past the best team (player) in crunch time! The Philadelphia 76ers only has a

young inner core with no bench help. In order for them to make a huge push, they would need someone else to step up beside Simmons,

Joel Embiid. MAybe another player such as Markelle Fultz finally become healthy to complete “the 6ers big 3”.  It’s way too early to say!


Finally healthy thus far! The Boston Celtics now have a complete them that can go far. Many analysts have them reaching the Finals.

Many said the same thing last year, but injuries and inexperienced players prevented there Finals appearance. If, (that’s a big if) team

can remain healthy EXPECT THEM to be a contender in the Finals. 



You heard it here first folks, The Boston Celtics to make it to the Finals thus far! MAny changes occur through the season below are

power ranking for the East Conference.

  1. Boston Celtics
  2. Philadelphia 76ers
  3. Toronto Raptors
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers
  5. Indiana Pacers





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