August 19, 2019

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Several months ago, Back in July 2018, I token upon an opportunity to created a website (blog). Little did I know about blogging and or

having a business. I began doing research on the “blogging world” and how could it benefit me personally and financially. Like other great

things, it doesn’t happen overnight! It takes time, effort, commitment, and oh yeah full-time dedication (part-time for some). But like I tell

everyone else, you’ll get what you put into it! There has to be creativity on your behalf, and you have to be consistent with your blog post.

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Affiliate Marketing.. .does anyone knows what that means? Well, for those who don’t… It’s basically promoting other products while

getting compensated for each product sold. People ask me all the time why are their ads on your website? Not only do I promote my brand, I

also advertise their hottest deal and products that many would wish to see!

Google SEO/Adsense if you think you know what it is, then maybe it because YOU use it every day! That’s right! GOOGLE! Okay, let me

explain. When your using your phone and let’s say you’re looking for the latest (Michael) Jordan shoes, or a helmet cause you may have just

bought your daughter a new bicycle. So you type in the products name in google and then links will appear, and if you click on that link.

That’s Google Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The more your keywords are searched (jordans/helmets) the higher your ranked.

Adsense the (CPC) click per pay, for instant, each time your reading an article on a website and you click on an ad, that website owner

get PAID! That simple!

There are many more ways and affiliate programs you can involve your website into as well!

Having a product to Sell

As social media is GROWING nowadays, put your own product on a platform an watch as it takes off! Like I said, your blog could be about

anything, whether it’s music, books, even YOU! anything! Having a product to sell of your own could be what makes your business grow!



Our Mission is to provide to subscribers with the latest trending sports gear, sport’s news while promoting products that meet each

one needs at amazing deals.

The Vision is to become a reliable source spread worldwide for everyone to enjoy!

Progress is in the making each day, we constantly are making changes on how to improve our site and replying back to each one feedback!

*Subscribers be on the lookout for the Sports Gear Swagger app coming soon! #Winter2018 #Download from the play






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