August 19, 2019

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For those who don’t know about Stephen Curry, he is a professional basketball player of the NBA. Known for his on the

court basketball shooting skills. He changed the game we see today, as he relies on his 3pt shooting ability to dominate

teams in the NBA. Sports analyst across the world see him as one of the greatest 3 point shooter in the history of the

NBA. He definitely has had a huge impact on the game thus far, overshadowing the greatest of the King himself in

Lebron James. Last season he was able to win his 3rd NBA champion (tied first amongst active noticeable players

James, Wade).`

As the unanimous 2-time MVP, Curry continues to break records his legendary journey without a doubt will have him in the NBA’s Hall of




Basketball season is back! Be sure you have all the gear you need to support your favorite team(s) or player(s). 

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