July 21, 2019

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                            Some may know him as ” Flash” or “D-Wade”, but without a doubt, he’s a Hall-of-Famer! 


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Drafted back in 2003 selected 5th overall in the NBA draft by the Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade had begun to quickly rise to become an All-

Pro. In that same draft year, other future stars players such as Lebron James, and Carmelo Anthony drafted before them. Little did

teams know, Wade would be the first to win an NBA championship between the other stars. Playing alongside elite players such as

Shaquille O’Neal, Gary Payton,  and Alonzo Mourning, Wade quickly became a fan favorite!


In the year 2010, Miami-Dade County commissioners change the name to Miami-Wade County. During the free- agent period, Miami

fans never wanted to see the favorite player go anywhere. The name was given in recognition of a stellar career the superstar was having

thus far, and they wanted to show their commitment as the free-agent period begun. During the free-agent period, Wade was able to

convince both superstars Lebron James, and Chris Bosh to join the Miami Heat.

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The trio played four season with eachother earning themselves 2 championship during there

time together.

In the 2015-2016 season D-Wade took his talents to the Chicago Bulls. Wade, who was born in

Chicago always wanted to play in front of his hometown crowd. He gotten a chance to play one

season, the following season the Bulls and Wade agree on a contract buyout. Wade, would then be available to sign with any team. His

longtime friend, Lebron James would then convince him to join the Cleveland Cavaliers. Which later he would get trade back to the Miami

Heat duriing the 2018 season.



For the last decade and a half I was able to witness amazing thing from D-Wade, I admire his performances day in and day out. Without a

doubt he may be the greatness shot blocking 2-guard the league ever seen. Wade is awesomely known for his playmaking abilities as

well. This 2018-2019 season will be the final season we all can  once again will watch inarguably one of the Greatest 2 guard to ever lace

’em up.















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