August 19, 2019

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  • Football season has arrived! Fantasy football (brackets) will be published every Saturday before game!
  • What’s Trending? Sports-related, popular gear products, and breaking sports news!
  • SportsGS w/ Cash Crowd Fund ( Private invitation) serious inquiries only!! COMING SOON! 10/1/18
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  • Blog Posting will be on every SUNDAY, TUESDAY, and WEDNESDAY! (bonus days may be included on some weeks!
  • Website Purchases from new affiliates are coming soon!
  • Work-from-home program (comment for more info)
  • Do you want an online website business as such? (sending an email to
  • Things to search when shopping online!
  • Subscribe VOTE! (coming soon October 2018)
  • How I became an Affiliate with Amazon
  • The latest fall boots and gear!
  • Choosing the right running shoes for fall!
  • Trending Ads
  • Share your experiences with our social media pages!


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