August 19, 2019

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Our Swagger is on a whole nether level!

Welcome to Sports Gear Swagger 2.0!

 Those who been around since Day 1, I thank you. Here @ you find the best deals for the latest

trending sports gear! And as always, we want to make sure to take advantage of our products each time you shop with

us. Our advertising business features savings for popular products such as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, etc. you name it!

What’s NEW?

Now available for online purchases our very own customized gear!

Includes custom designed socks, tee-shirts, women leggings, phone cases, and many more!!

(*iPhone, Samsung phone cases only)

Promoting our SportsGS Products!

  $5 off our product when you spend over $49.99  (must have Cash app or PayPal)

As seen on social media (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram) We’re continuing to produce great quality for people

of all ages, gender, and sizes! Show your support today!  Get in gear! 

Placing our Site Icon on your Phone! 

 Many subscribers/visitors to our site ask about the launching date of the SportsGS App!

As we know many folks on-the-go majority of their day and don’t sit in front of a PC/Laptop each day. But our

webpage is always available! With that been said make it a “shortcut” to your home screen and get updates instantly!

Simply create a “shortcut” from our site and place it on your home screen. You’ll have direct access to us every day and

never miss out on weekly deals and promotions.

Discounts on products from other companies 

As you may know, I work with billion-dollar companies such as Amazon, Academy Sports+ Outdoors, DSG, etc.

With that been said, you always receive deals/discounts on tons of product when you’re shopping online with

SportsGS. Waiving shipping fees for your online purchases starts here @ SportsGS! “We gotcha covered”

*Free Bonus Gift

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Weekly Deals Savings

Get Great Deals from our partners (Academy Sports+Outdoors, DSG, Amazon)as we continue to feature their weekly deals each week!

From New Styles from top Footwear Brands (link below to see available products)

New Styles from top Footwear Brands at!

Under Armour Fitness Gear!

Under Armour Fitness Gear under $20 at!

For more amazing deals and promotions! @ Academy!

Shop the Academy Weekly Ad at! 

Shop Hot Deals at! 

Shop clearance at!

Shop smarter! tell a friend all about us, and they to can continue to save on these incredible deals weekly!

DSG weekly deals are featured on social media, if you have a question regarding any promotion, please comment below, thank you!





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