August 19, 2019

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If you’re reading this…You’re on the right website! 

Here go  3 things coming to Sports Gear Swagger!

      1. Branding our OWN products

    As seen across all social media platforms, we have now launched our own customized gear.

What does this mean? 

You can now purchase our products here, our inventory is growing with some amazing products for everyone!

    * See homepage “Shop SGS Products Here”

These products are in effect, Now available for purchasing! 

Overload Swagger Swagger  Black T-Shirt BackSwagger Overload Deep Red T-Shirt Front   #Power On Black T-Shirt Front


2. Monthly discount(s)

If you follow us on any social media, be ALERT! 

Weekly giveaways with discount up to 10% send via PayPal will be available soon!     

 What does this mean?

Well, I glad you ask. A new follower would be selected each week to earn this amazing giveaway at

NO COST. It’s a way of showing our appreciation, so once again I thank you all!

*Be advise, for more detail be sure you’re subscribed/follow  our social accounts (see on the homepage)


3.  Updates on Blog Posting/Inventory/Weekly Promotions

Website Blog Posting

As we continue to attract more followers, we working more on developing a social media reputation.

What does this mean?

Branding is a huge part when you’re trying to developing a successful online business, therefore,

as we remain more consistent on our other pages, we directing our subscribers directly to this site.

New Blog Posting will often occur twice a week.

Product Inventory & Weekly Promotion

New customized products will be available 3-4 a month, along with featuring weekly promotion *each week

*advertise on our other social media accounts



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