August 19, 2019

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TOP 2 NFL Teams

We’re closing in on Week 5 of the NFL season, and boy-oh-boy it’s hasn’t been so much of a surprise! There only two  NFL teams that remain

undefeated thus far, The Los Angeles Rams, and the Kansas City Chiefs! Though it’s still early in the season, these were the two teams I

projected to make a deep run into the playoffs! Both teams have stellar young stars on both sides of the ball and can score at all three phases

of the game. Whether it’s on the offensive side, defensive, or special teams, expected them to put up big numbers!



I always have been a Rams fan. Born here in Saint Louis, Mo I been rooting for the Rams since early 2000’s. I didn’t sit well with me to watch

my hometown team departure from Missouri.I’m always supportive as I continuing to root for them miles away. Rams player has a core of

young talent that going to be around for some years to come and may be the future of the NFL sooner, rather than later. They’re playing with

great poise, passion, out there having fun!


Kansas City Chiefs “ROY”

I said it before, I say it again! “CROWN HIM NOW” 

The Kansas City Chief Quarterback Patrick Mahomes is the real deal! He’s has had an outstanding career thus

Image result for week 5 nfl undefeated kansas city chiefs rams undefeated

far, and I expect to see this young man on the cover of MADDEN next year! Seriously, what

quarterback can you name that’s ever had a record-breaking rookie season as him? {crickets} This

guy here is something special!

Below is a NEW autograph  jersey sign by Patrick Mahomes II



This conclusion is what we been saying since week 1 of the NFL season. After five weeks in the NFL, just these two teams remain undefeated

as they both could potentially see one another in the Superbowl?? Though it may be too early to call, it definitely looks promising. We keep

an eye out as they continue to light it up in the NFL.

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