August 19, 2019

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First off, I would like to say thank you to all subscribers, and followers on social media you’re appreciated!!


As continue to grow as a business more we also promote other companies products such as (Amazon, Online Sports, Dick’s Sporting Goods,

etc). All ads (products) you will see you can purchase from our affiliate program(on the website, simply click on the product itself). It’s a way

to show your support when visiting the site.Image result for pumpkin

Discontinuing The SportsGS Cash Funding

The SportsGS Cash Funding Program has been discontinued. (But those who wish to start, ask how in the

comments).  Serious inquiries only!

Introducing SportsGS/Home Security

Anyone interested in the Nation’s #1 home security, click the link to apply or get set-up! Ask questions via phone or email, we will be glad to

assist you!

Coming Winter 2018

We understand not too many people have desktops or PCs. With want you all to keep up with everything that goes on here! THAT’S RIGHT!!

come winter 2018 we introducing the Sports Gear Swagger Mobile App! Download from the play store! Take us with you on-the-go!

Also, we will be featuring a podcast another brilliant way to stay connected with you all, this feature will allow us to discuss topics and new

blogs from each week! Stay tuned as this story continues to develop.


A bit we had to cover, and of course, any changes or new additions will be mentioned on social media! Be sure you continue to follow, share,

like, and comment. We would love to hear from you all! Leave a comment below any article, we are here to help. Questions regarding this

newsletter ask below. Once again we appreciate you all! Refer others to subscribe and like all of our pages as well!

*Also you be able to purchase you’ll very OWN Sports Gear Swagger t-shirt..comin soon on the mobile app!


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