August 19, 2019

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It’s the end of the year which means…P.O.Y awards (players of the year)


NFL Rookie of the Year?

NFL Defensive MVP?


NFL season finally going as I expect..well there have been huge disappointments from several teams.


The disappointing teams in the NFC of the season

  1. Carolina Panthers(7-9)  Since there Superbowl run back in 2015 against the Denver Broncos, Carolina Star Quarterback Cam Newton continues to struggle. Though starting off the season 6-2, still leaves a frustrated offseason for the Panthers.
  2.  Minnesota Vikings(8-7) In a must-win game, we witnessed the Vikings fall out the playoffs against their division rival the Chicago Bears.
  3. Green Bay Packers(7-9) With a promising start of the season, somehow the Packers couldn’t bounce back! could these mean Rodgers leaving/trade? (hmm)


3 AFC teams that are not in the coming PLAYOFFS might disappoint some fans!


1. Pittsburgh Steelers(9-6-1) Drama in Pittsburgh causes the team to inconsistently play at a higher level when it


2. Denver Broncos(6-10) Consistency was a factor for the Broncos ending their season on a 4 game losing streak


3.  *Tennessee Titans (9-7) * Colts defeated the Tennessee Titans score 33-17  Titans OUT OF                           


                                                                    IT’S ANDREW LUCK TIME TO SHINE

Image result for andrew luck

        AFC please be advise, Don’t sleep on the Andrew Luck and the Colts in these playoffs!

They started the season (1-6) the Colts behind Quarterback Luck, be sure you watch the WILDCARD match-up with the

Houston Texans. As the Colt look to make a deep run into these playoffs.


My two teams heading into the 2019 Superbowl!

I Still have the New Orleans Saints favored to win the NFC

In the AFC, I’m keeping my our word and choosing the San Diego Chargers to win the AFC

Though I if Colts beat the Cheif expect them heading into the AFC champioship game!



“What’s Trending” , Inside The NFL

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