August 19, 2019

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Congratulations! Canada your Toronto Raptors are the 2019 NBA CHAMPIONS! As we move the off-season here are some noticeable free-agents this summer:


Kevin Durant 🏆🏆

Kyrie Irving 🏆

Klay Thompson 🏆🏆🏆

                                                                             Jimmy Bulter N/A

                                                                             Kawhi Leonard 🏆🏆


Two noticeable players in particular are Jimmy Bulter, and Kyrie Irving. It’s been mention for awhile now that these to all-stars want to play alongsode one another, now this may be there chance to.

Kevin Durant reagervated his lower in the 2019 NBA Finals, which may cost him major of the 2019-2020 season. Restricted Free Agent DeMarcus Cousins, suffered a similar injury the previous year which had sidelined him more than half of last season games.

I expect KD to re-sign with the Golden State Warriors on a 1-year deal in this off-season.

As for Klay Thompson, he finally gets his supermax deal with the Warriors, sure Klay can get paid more money somewhere esle, but like the old sayin goes.. if it aint broken dont try to fix it (in reference to his hall-of-fame career with the Warriors thus far).

Kawhi Leonard to re-signs with Toronto… Anthony Davis to LAKERS?

This trade could be huge for both teams, which young players are the Lakers willing to sacrifice in the trade, perhaps get in a  3-team-deal? Well at least it will not cost them there entire roster ( young core). Though, if it does can Lebron, AD, and Kyrie join forces in L.A.? With A.D. going to L.A. expect Kyrie to join also.

Kemba Walker 

The point guard of the Charlotte Bobcat becomes a free agent as well. I sure he would love to finish his career with them, I see team making pitches to him.


Once Anthony Davis gets traded to the Lakers, The Los Angeles Lakers will become favorites head into the 2019 season.







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