July 21, 2019

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Welcome back NBA!

The Nba’s Preseason is back in action which means summer is just about over! Many notable players over the summer are currently with a

new team!

Noticeable Players:

Lebron James L.A. Lakers

Carmelo Anthony Houston Rockets

Deandre Jordan Dallas MavericksImage result for nba offseason moves

Kawhi Leonard Toronto Raptors

Demar Dorozan San Antonio Spurs

Dwight Howard Washington Wizards

Demarcus Cousin Golden State Warriors


 Key Players on joining a new organization basically trying to compete for a championship. With all the latest rumors of trades, The Golden

State Warriors are still the defending two-time champions. Teams will try to mimic their style of play and try to take ’em down!


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Predictions for the NBA’s Upcoming Season

First and far most, Lebron James (LBJ) is a genius! He signed a 4 year deal with the L.A. Lakers this off-season. Meanwhile. L.A. still have

more than enough cap space to sign an all-star player. They also have YOUNG TALENTED PLAYERS ON ROOKIE DEALS! What does

that mean? If this Laker’s core can’t get right, expect them to move players around. General Manager Magic Johnson acquired James with the

midset’s formula for a long-term deal. Think about it, at this rate Bron could win 3/4 championship in the upcoming seasons….to be




The season is changing leaves are falling off trees, which means the NBA season is near. Stayed tuned and never miss out on your favorite

team. Be sure you subscribe and get this article sent straight TO YOUR EMAIL! Thank you all for being valued fans of our blogs we

appreciated you all!


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