July 21, 2019

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Lebron James was raised alone by his mother as a kid.  They struggled to make ends meet at a

young age for any child. The danger environment in which he lived in as a kid, many people his age were either involved in street

gangs, or on a terrible path to succeed. Lebron knew the lifestyle he dream and  wanted nothing but the best for his family.


Lebron was drafted number one overall in the NBA 2003 draft by no other than his hometown team, The Cleveland Cavaliers.

The hometown hero begin to live up to the hype, as he would take his team to the NBA Finals his rookie season. Many compared him

to “The Goat Micheal Jordan”. Throughout his career, Lebron begin to climb-the-chart as he begin to continue to break records.

Lebron loves the game of basketball, but he seeked to give back, which beside basketball  makes him The Greatest, The King, and

The Choosen one!


Witnessing the challenge growing up poor, he want to provide light at the end of the tunnel for those on that path by giving back.

Sticking to his gut,knowing this is bigger than basketball, by becoming a hero for those left behind. He created a school in his

hometown Akron, Ohio named “IPromise” free for all 4th graders!


D=Doing is by takin actions!


R=Respect is earned, not givin!


E= Educate the mind!


A= Aim high to Achieve!


M= Miracles to happiness!



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