August 19, 2019

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Having two son ages 2 and 9 months both are extremely active! Most parent will understand the

everlasting energy these kids nowadays have. I love spending each and every moment with them, it’s lots of

fun. Though, I’m blessed to have two of the most gifted things I could ever ask for. Both my family and my love

for sports has collided into one. That’s right! Not only do I posted articles advertising the best deals online,

I come across of some amazing deals and discounts as a buyer also! Recently I was in search for a basketball

hoop for toddlers, and I found some kids sporting equipment for less money $$$ then you’ll spend shopping


My oldest son who recently just turned 2, play basketball each and every day. I mean, at his age, if I was as committed,

there a chance that I would have been playing at a higher level today. It brightens my day to see such a smile and his

gifted talent excel each day. It’ll put a smile on your face! One of the days in the near future I have to create

YOUTUBE Page so you to can witness his greatness. Even my youngest son (9 months) is now dunking the ball!


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