June 17, 2019

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Frequently Asked Question


What is Sports Gear Swagger?

Sports Gear Swagger was created to serve you with the latest trending sports news, popular sports gear, and money saving shopping tips

as you keep up with the mission of allowing us to help you save more spend less, and shopping tips and recommending sports products.


Could we change the prices of a product?

Absolutely, not!  Retailers sometimes change prices, even without us knowing, as an item or product can or may change multiple times in a



Do the companies aware us when the product(s) is no longer available (sold-out)?

We upload weekly deals on product or savings, some last a day, other weekly and/ or months (according to holidays). We wouldn’t know if

the product is sold-out until after the fact.


What is our relationship with other the companies?

Well, business is business nothing more here. Will post only the best deal and offer received to our website.


My order isn’t right, do I contact you?

Since we don’t have personal relationships with most of the stores we post deals to and do process any orders ourselves, we can not assist.

But, we can record your tracking number (receipt) to the company, and any additional information you’ll need comment under this article

we will reply back to you ASAP!


Can I find a discount of other stores on here?

Maybe, we posted the best deals on here weekly, and other company may not have huge savings, if so then we will post them.


Can I write a comment under any article without subscribing?

Yes, we love to hear from you, though it’s not recommended that you subscribe, but who would want to miss out on amazing deals, tips, and

popular sports topics daily?


Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes, along with an Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just click on the label icons.


Why are there so many Ads on your website? 

As mentioned, we advertise GREAT deals and products, the ads are generated by companies promoting their business on to our site.


If you have a question(s), feel free to leave a comment below! We will be glad to help you.







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