August 19, 2019

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Nearly halfway through the NFL season, and still only one team remains undefeated! The Los Angeles Rams are ” WHO I THOUGHT THEY

WERE” and now everyone sees it! Before the season begun, I projected the Rams to go as far as the wanted avoiding injuries while both sides

of the continues to be relentless! Below is there remaining schedule: Image result for rams schedule 2018

They have to play 5 maybe 6 great teams to remain undefeated: PACKERS, SAINTS, SEATTLE, CHIEFS, BEARS, AND THE

EAGLES! I don’t expect them to go without a loss of the year, now, that we’re midway through the season these games

begin to mean more especially to the teams fighting for a playoff spot!


Now it’s still early to call, but it the regular season ended today(now), these(cover picture) are the top-seeded teams.


Below is a preview of this week matchups! (wins and loses predictions) (* games of the week)

Thursday night football

Broncos vs Cardinals

I expect the Broncos to dominate on the road against the Cardinals, Broncos coming off the loss against the Rams last week, they will get

there chance to rebound!

Titans & Chargers

San Deigo on fire winning there last 3 games, I’ll would expect them to keep that streak alive this week as well!

Panthers & Eagles*

Panthers coming off a crucial loss last week, this week they face the champs! Newton will have a good game both team fantasy

players(starters)  should have a good game. Panthers to steal a game on the road!

Vikings & Jets

I got the Vikings in this one!

Patriots & Chicago*

Patriots had a nice week against K.C. this week they face a pretty good defense and a rookie quarterback @ home! I got the Patriots winning by

as little as a field goal!

Bills & Colts

Andrew Luck is starting to look like a bust!! Bills in this one!

Lions & Dolphins

I got Detroit stealing a game this week!

Cleveland & Bucs

Both teams are struggling, going to give this win to the home team! Bucs!

Houston & Jacksonville

The Jaguars are starting to look that the Jaguars of old after coming in the season on fire!! Here it’s a battle of the defenses! I’m picking

the Jaguars!

Saints and Ravens

Behind the Rams, the Saints are maybe tied with the Cowboys for best QB & RB duo! I’m taking the Saints

Cowboys & Redskins* 

What a HUGE division game this will be for dem boyz to get back on track, a loss here and there done! I got the Redskins in this one!

Rams & 49ers

Rams to put in their backup players and treat this game as if it was only a preseason game!

Bengals & Chiefs*

Huge test for the Chiefs after they fail to take down the Patriots and a close one, but they never lose confidence and wins this week!


Monday, Oct 22nd

Giants & Falcons

Well, Eli isn’t getting benched  “they believe” but a loss here should they consider benching him at this point of the season? Falcons win!



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