June 18, 2019

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Will the REAL Ryan Fitzpatrick “PLEASE STAND UP!”

Certainly look as if he could have “pass” for Mcgregor, Fitzpatrick leads the Tampa Bay Bucs to another win.  This time against the Superbowl champ themselves, another stellar team the Bucs were able to surpass in a tight game this week. Another huge game by Fitzpatrick as he was able to throw for over 400+ yard again this […]

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The Next Great Quarterback in the NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs are now 2-0 led by rookie quarterback  Patrick Mahomes.  Mahomes currently leads the NFL in passing as he totals up to 10 touchdowns (NFL record in first two games) with a 102.9 passer rating.  He has proven not once but twice, as we are wrapping up week 2 in the NFL.  It may seem a little early in the season some […]

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Josh Gordon to sign with…….Patriots?

Josh Gordon’s Future with Cleveland After a week later from his return debut, Josh Gordon was released from the Cleveland Browns a day before the Week 2. What came to shocked to us all including players in the league, we didn’t expect the Browns to pull the trigger this early in the season. Many circumstances from […]

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The Return of Josh Gordon

Don’t expect this Cleveland Browns team to be the same ole Cleveland Browns of the past!   The Cleveland Browns as we know them has been one of the WORST team in the NFL. The last time they won ten games was back in 2007 when they held a record at 10-6-0. Just a decade later they went […]

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The Team to be on the LOOKOUT for!

As another season awaits us the question still remains the same, “Who’s going to dominate the NFL this upcoming season?”  New players were drafted, some players traded, and/or signed with a new team this off-season. I honestly expect a duplicate of last season teams to make the playoffs once again.  After the free agency, and pre-season one […]

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“Get Yo’ Popcorn ready!” “The NFL starts here!”!

Dear SportsGS fans,  Are you in quick needs of some NFL gear? No doubt!, We gotcha covered! Continue to save BIG when your shopping online at your very on @Sportsgearswagger (follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!) Don’t forget to subscribe when you visit while being on top of the latest popular brands and gear!   […]

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Future Hall of Famers TE Antonio Gates returns for his 16th Year

Over the last decade and a half, it appears the San Deigo Chargers and longtime career player in Antiono Gates signs contract. Perhaps one of the league most dominate game changers of the sports to announce retirement after this season. The former basketball player star uses his size, height, and jumping ability to change the tight […]

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NEW RULES Changes in the NFL?

Though it may seem as if every season the National Football League (NFL) new rules are in effect.  Many questioned the gameplay by which it taking some of the action out of the sports. Many players concerns are about making a great play, and all the sudden becomes a fine, even a suspension perhaps. Perhaps that some […]

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Top 5 NFL Players at Each Position

Note: Players and defenses chosen are base on stats, last year’s ranking, and off-season moves! These are hand picked players and teams that would be useful for Fantasy Football!   Ranking the top 5 Quarterbacks of the 2018-2019 season:   New England’s Tom Brady 2. New Orleans Saint’s Drew Brees 3. Pittsburgh Steelers’ Ben Rothelisberger 4.  Green Bay […]

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The Greatest Team EVER in the HISTORY of the NFL!

FACTS   They’re the most LOVED AND HATED team that EVER existed in the NFL period!!   Regarding of what people are saying, just sit back and let go over some PROVEN FACTS!   The NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS have the longest tending head coach in Bill Belichick, as he’s  approaching his 19th Season with the […]

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