August 19, 2019

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Whether you’re a track runner, bicyclist, sports player, etc. We here to list some of the top products uses from

athletics and fitness workers around the world. 


The year 2018 only hundreds of thousands of people either cracked, dropped, and/or damaged their phones. Sure accidents happen all

the time, (though it wasn’t done on purpose), the prices of a similar smartphone could cost you as much as rent!  Everyone wants the latest

iPhones and Andriod phones, but many features doesn’t protect against damages and are waterproof. You would have to go out and buy

aftermarket products to enable additional protection cost hundreds more for your phone.


 Save Money by making the right decision when purchasing a phone. Look for features that imply to you, If you’re a swimmer, you

should be searching for a phone that can get wet (water resistant).  Have your phone took punishing fall? I’m sure, I drop my phone like

almost every day! So are you in searching for durability in a phone that can take multiple falls?

Image result for damage proof phone

One of the most purchased aftermarket items is USB charging cables for phones!


Personally, I bought a new cable at least 5-10 times a year. Cutting the cables became the right

thing to do after I purchased a portable the wireless charging base and battery case.

Within thirty minutes or least, my phone will become completely charged.

If you’re in search of a phone with all these features I would recommend you to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

Active people will love this phone! Pair with the Samsung Gear S3 for an awesome combination.

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