August 19, 2019

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Could you imagine playing for a team and the jersey number you’ve dreamed of was taken? Have much would you give to wear that


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Choosing your Jersey number


When it comes to choosing your number is not as hard as it may seem. Think of an important day in your life thus far, what day was special

to you? Was it the year you graduated high school? How about even the day you were born? You can be creative when choosing your number

to help bring the swag out in you!


Some people choose their number depending on their favorite athlete in sports. Others people use their birth year or any other day that’s

important to them. It’s what separates you from every other player. Here’s an example, Lebron James of the Los Angeles Lakers is known for

wearing what Jersey number? If you guess 23, then you’re correct, or if I would have said name a player in the NBA that wear the number

23? Over 90% percent of you would’ve said, Lebron James.


It also important to have a backup number. My birthday is May 25, so I chose the number 25 but that number is taken. My second choice is

number 20. I bet you’re guessing how I came up with that number…right? For me, it didn’t really take me that long to gather information on

how I will choose another number. My name is Andrew Jackson (no.. I’m not the former president of the United States), though he is

featured on the United States $20 dollar bill. I know..I know, do I need to say more?


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Professional Athletes who paid a ton of money for their jersey number

Professional athletes today wear there famous dad’s jersey ( Hall-of-Fame players) in honor of continuing the tradition as they begin their

careers to live up the moment.  (Quote below linked from (click on highlighted word may cause the

page to re-direct)

“One of the more consistent running backs of his era, Clinton Portis had worn No. 26 from his early days of playing football.

That’s why he was willing to at least offer to pay $40,000 to retain it when he first got to the Washington Redskins in 2004.

I use the word “willing” because the transaction with then-teammate Ifeanyi Ohalete wasn’t as smooth as one would think. The two

ultimately ended up in court because of Portis failing to pay Ohalete after he was released—with Portis forced to pay $18,000“.


Why your number is Important

Would it be awesome the day you retire from the game you love to see your Jersey hung in a stadium forever? Your jersey would be

remembered for decades and decades. Would you love to leave that impact? It all starts with your number.


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