August 19, 2019

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Boosting your SWAG!

So maybe you went out an bought a new pair of shoes or an expensive jacket. It’s been over a week now and no noticed and now you’re

becoming internally frustrated because you spend and a ton of money on the product(s). As you continue shopping product(s) you still can’t

draw that attention to what makes you different.

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Now you can not go out and buy swagger, it all starts with you! What makes you stand out from the rest? So you may ask yourself, “What

make me different from others? What’s my money maker? What are my strengthens? What are the Pros and Cons about myself? These

are just typical questions you can ask yourself to weight out your options. Everyone has a strengthens, but always failing to apply them, or just

not knowing what to do with them.


The one thing you can boost is your confidence, just apply that to anything you’re doing. For example,

maybe you’ve been working at a job for years and still no promotion yet you’re upset at work and wanting a promotion but the management

feel though you may lack in an area. Change the way, better yet grow and boosted your swagger! Remember a job is more willing to hire

within the company rather than going out finding unknown candidates (newbies). 


That same principle applies with swagger! 


Applying Swagger to Entertainment!

If you can name a professional athlete is probably because of his/her swag!

Athletes in sports come dress with swagger each day the play, and when asking of their clothing, it’s just their swag! according to

ENEWS, ” Russell Westbrook knows one game he can always win against Dwyane Wade. It’s the quest to be crowned fashion king of

the NBA. “Yes, I can say that I am,” the Oklahoma City Thunder stud exclusively told E! News this weekend at True Religion’s flagship store in

Brooklyn, New York. “I definitely take pride in dressing up and being creative in what I wear so it’s good.”


Even in the music industry

“If you can talk that talk, walk that walk”- or “Don’t write a check your a** can’t cash”!

These two famous quotes are used particularly pertaining to having swagger. Not only can it be directed to whomever, though he/she that had

said it expressing swagger as well. So yes it can be express as a verbal thing as well.


Famous hip-hop recording artist(s) The Migos, even use the term “dab” which is the now there way to express swagger. They even created

a dance for the term, which has the entire world with swag, or


Product(s) w/swagger!

One of my favorites body scents is the Old Spice SWAGGER! it guarantees a 24/hours fresh scent while having an amazingly masculine

smell. I recommend all their products for every man. It guarantees a compliment each and every time! Shop here!



There is no wrong adding swagger as it unleashes your pure potential as you gain confidences. Make yourselves complete with swagger!

On other tips and recommendation CLICK HERE! And as always comment below for your questions! NOW MOVE FORWARDED WITH




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