August 19, 2019

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There comes a time in life when your just not able to do the things you use to. Sure, you might  be able to, but have you been feeling

aches and pain often? Are you not able to move, and/or lift objects cause of muscles and joint soreness? It always important to use

safety gear when handling  heavy objects. Failure to do so could result in muscle tears, aches, and even sprains to your body no

matter your ages.


Over more than two decade I watched my mother work her entire life, and still at the age of 49 she continues to work nonstop. As I

mention earlier it always important to rest your body and relax during your free time away from work. Whether you standing,

lifting, and/or sitting 9 hours a day, take a 30-45 min break to relax your body.



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What is Active Gear?

Well, it’s exactly what it says it is! I sure you heard the term, “Don’t work harder, work smarter!” or “behind every great man is

a…..(filling the blank)” lol. Not sure if that second statement is relevant to the topic..(haha). There’s all kinds and types of support

to help you work stress free. Even as a blogger I sit in my office cramped over in front of a computer desk all day typing and

gathering information to discuss. I type move than 50,000 words a day (promoting on all social media, blog posts, emails,

etc), while my both my hands, neck, back feel as good as new.

How…? Might you ask. Having a full  back massaging chair with a neck allow me to complete my daily tasks and feel great while

doing so. Okay, so maybe your job is a bit more physical. You need what I call “Support-on-the-go!”.


Support-on-the-go products that helps comforts the muscle and bones when your active! Above I listed some top product that’ll

help you feel your BEST when your on-the-go!


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