August 19, 2019

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With a little over a week remains of the NFL season, 12 teams will compete to keep their season alive.



There really no surprise for me in the NFC as I have the New Orleans Saints to become the NFC champs! I have the

Rams right behind them with the Chicago Bears as well.  Last year,  the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Saints on what

appears to be miracle hail mary pass from quarterback Case Keenum, which cut the Saint season a game short of the

NFC Championship game. Sports fans and players across the NFL  were stunned!

As for the AFC, it’s kind of awkward counting the Patriots out! But unfortunately, I have the either the Kansas City Chiefs

or San Diego Chargers as winners of the AFC.

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Kansas City Chiefs vs San Deigo Chargers in Divisional Round

I’ll give the Chargers an edge due to the fact they have 7 players selected to represent the AFC in the 2019 Pro Bowl.

Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs still have stud rookie as a quarterback in Patrick Mahomes. Mahomes broken every

rookie quarterback record you can think of. Their time is coming fast! But…not this year, sorry.  Don’t get me

wrong, Mahomes is an unbelievable rookie. But honestly, San Diego’s veteran quarterback Philip Rivers is next in line to

win a ring!


Rivers once backed up Drew Brees in San Diego, Brees suffered a dislocated shoulder in 2005. The following season

Chargers turned quarterback Philip Rivers leaving the future hall-of-famer Brees to search for a new team. March 14,

2006, Brees signed a 6 year $60 million contract with the New Orleans Saints.


What two teams are you looking forward to seeing in the Superbowl?

 (Chargers and Saints)


Is it the Dallas Cowboys year?

The Dallas Cowboys change their season around winning 5 straight which position them first seed over the Eagles (7-7)

and Redskins (7-8). Since the trading for stud wideout Amari Cooper,  the Dallas Cowboys looks like a completely

different team. The only question is can they end their season on a high note!


QB Joe Flacco time in Baltimore may be coming to an END

Image result for flacco hurt

After starting the team management feels though if Flacco could play next week, he a back-up (2nd option). I see

the Baltimore trading Flacco comes May, surrounding more new weapons for the rookie Lamar Jackson. Flacco suffered a

hip injury, the pro bowler QB has been sidelined. With the rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson playing at a consistent level

he continues to raise eyebrows as the coaching looks to turn in another direction.


Steelers vs Ravens in Divisional Round

The Pittsburgh Steelers has been through HELL IN HOT WATER since week 1. With one of their best players forfeiting

the season to become a restricted free agent (Le’veon Bell). But the Steelers found life! With the rookie running back

James Conners, who has impressed the coaching staff as he is closing in on 1,000 yards rushing this season with 12+

rushing TD. Sounds like rookie of the year right? Naw, I got ’em as a runner-up behind New York Giants RB Saquon

Barkley thus far.


Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans 

Don’t sleep on these teams!

They have complete talent on both sides of the ball, but I still don’t rank ’em with the Chiefs nor Chargers!

I definitely won’t be surprised at this team, they can bypass the first round.

The Same could be said for the Chicago Bears as well!



* be advised updates to this story still to come






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